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Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

Predictive Index® - PI ®- is a highly validated and user-friendly personality and behavioural diagnostic tool, which is used by more than 60 of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to attract, develop and  retain the ‘right’ people.


PI® is highly effective in quickly identifying what motivates an individual. This information reveals if the organizational culture and the specific job vacancy will appeal to the individual candidate and provide the circumstances for him or her to succeed.


In tandem with the individual assessment, Predictive Index also offers a behavioural job profiling tool – the PRO® (Performance Requirement Options). Using input from managers within the client organization, the PRO® describes the key behavioural attributes for each position and, as such, it provides the context within which each individual profile is considered.


The PI Cognitive Assessment is a scientifically validated measure of general mental agility—modeled on strict standards

of test construction set by professional organizations

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures our capacity to learn, adapt, and quickly grasp new concepts in the workplace.


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