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Preparing for a strategy or budget meeting?

Get an instant snapshot of your management's views of your company / organization's strengths / weaknesses

Preparing for a strategy or budget meeting?

You get an instant view of the individual views

A good starting point for discussions



A snapshot of the cohesion
in your management team

You can get it in a day after completion


Avenir has a proprietary method to assess intangible assets and liabilities

  • The top management/owners get a clear and structured picture of the +/- of the goodwill "box'

  • Quantify the strength of soft factors in a clear, structured and easy-to-grasp manner.

  • Make intangibles visible in a structured way to facilitate the managing of them

  • Show the cohesion (or lack of) - in the management group as to perceptions of plus and minuses of vital factors in the company

  • Act as a check list and alarm system for management and owners

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