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Change Management

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‘The Avenir process delivered what was promised, bringing clarity to management issues and providing a tool with which we could organize ourselves more effectively. While such an exercise might well have had an intangible outcome, in this case, the outcome was wholly tangible.’

Klaus Nyborg, CEO Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd – in 2009.

Some people are more adaptable and flexible than others.  They like variety. They are willing to accept - and even drive - change.


Others are more wary; they approach change more cautiously.


It’s not that they cannot, or will not, change. They simply need more information about the rationale for the change - the answer to the question: ‘What's in it for me’?


To implement change effectively, managers need to know who their people are - in terms of personality and ensuing behaviour. This reveals their people's readiness for and likely reaction to change.


At Avenir, we help our clients to structure their change process, establishing the optimal ambition and speed level to ensure that the outcome is sustainable.


We also help our clients communicate the rationale for the change in a way that encourages their employees to accept it, implement it and enjoy the process.


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