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‘Avenir definitely went the extra mile and furthermore provided very valuable ‘sparring’ throughout the entire process.’

Jens B. Madsen, Executive Chairman, Bestshore Business Solutions UK Ltd

Let’s say that you employ a manager to run one of your operations in another location. Out of your sight.


How can you be sure that she is the right person for that job in that culture?


Apart from her qualifications and experience, which will be an indicator of how well she will perform at the various tasks involved, you will need to be sure that her personality fits, too.


If it doesn’t, she will be stressed. And consequently, less efficient. Less motivated.


Avenir offers highly validated and well-proven personality and behavioural diagnostic tools to help our clients get to know who their people are and how they are likely to behave in specific circumstances. This reduces some of the uncertainty created by distance.


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Managing people at a distance

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