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The key word here is: ‘different’.


When we encounter others, we try to read the signals between us.


To understand if we are similar, or different.


We gravitate easily toward those we feel comfortable with, concluding that they are ‘like us ‘and we move cautiously around those who are ‘different’.


Trust is an issue between people when difference is in the mix.


This creates headaches at work when it comes to different age groups/generations working alongside each other.


Baby boomers, Generation X and millennials…


Avenir helps client organizations to bridge the gap between generations at work, using highly validated and well-proven personality and behavioural diagnostic tools - which can be applied across different age groups.


We also help create structures for reciprocal mentoring.


Find your solution: Talent Acquisition and Talent ManagementTalent Management Personality Fit With JobsAssessing intellectual capital


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Facilitating co-operation between different generations working alongside each other

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