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Swift IT

Our partner firm has many years of successful experience with its ‘Swift IT Assessment’ Model. It has been used in major companies throughout the world to quickly provide an overall information technology health check.

We always put business at the center of the assessment.

IT systems and processes are implemented to support the business. We measure success in terms of alignment with actual business needs, including a mapping of risks, issues, and gaps.

Key features of a Swift IT Assessment:

Provides an end-to-end overview of the current IT situation in the company, including:


  • a high-level assessment of the IT organization, revealing the existence or lack of IT systems support for business processes, ad hoc tools and integration level

  • A high-level risk and issue assessment

  • A high-level capacity assessment, i.e. to what degree are current IT systems and processes able to support current and anticipated future business volumes?

  • A high-level assessment of short-term (tactical) and long-term (strategic) opportunities and improvement initiatives

  • Within an agreed timeframe, the assessment will - as far as possible - address all issues that are identified during the assessment.

The assessment typically includes an off-site review of available IT documentation, combined with on-site interviews with key business stakeholders and IT staff.


The entire project is closely coordinated with the company’s top management.


The Swift review delivers a report that encompasses all findings and conclusions of the assessment, as well as specific recommendations for action.


Joint review and follow-up meetings are part of the delivery.


The Swift IT Assessment typically takes between 10 days and two months, depending on the size of the company and number of locations.

We will - to the furthest extent possible and within the agreed timeframe - ensure that all findings and recommendations are provided in writing and in a format that enables the company or any sufficiently skilled subcontractor to implement the recommendations.

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